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New industry strategy for 2020: photovoltaic heterojunction

Release time:2019-12-28 15:06Popularity:

       Polaris Solar PV Network News: Looking forward to 2020, most segments of the power equipment and new energy sectors are expected to be booming: domestic demand for new energy vehicles is expected to reverse, external demand is expected to erupt, and global electrification is expected to accelerate; domestic demand for photovoltaic is expected to reverse, and external demand continues Prosperity, heterojunction batteries are beginning to emerge; ubiquitous construction is accelerating, and meter replacement is on. Maintain the rating of the industry stronger than the market.

Key points to support rating

       New energy vehicles: domestic demand is expected to reverse, external demand is expected to erupt: domestic subsidies will decline sharply in 2019, and sales will be under pressure after the transition period; the double-point amendment and the "New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan 2021-2035" publicly solicit opinions, indicating that The policy supports the industrial development for a long time; the intensive launch of high-quality models on the supply side stimulates real consumer demand, and the high growth of operating vehicles is expected to become sales support. We expect domestic sales in 2020 to increase 37% from 1.17 million in 2019 to 1.6 million. The German government intends to significantly increase subsidies for new energy vehicles, and the United States is expected to raise the sales threshold for subsidies for electric vehicle subsidies. This shows that European and American countries' support for new energy vehicles is expected to have a demonstration effect.
       Europe will usher in the strictest carbon emission standards in history. The electrification of mainstream overseas car companies is accelerating. Major car companies have launched new pure electric platforms and new models have been launched intensively. Among them, Tesla domestic models and Volkswagen MEB platform models are worth looking forward to. We are optimistic about the investment opportunities of the leading manufacturers and upstream resource giants in the midstream of the industry chain. The battery material link is recommended to select overseas high-end supply chain standards, and it is recommended that Tailai, Xinzhoubang, Enjie, Xingyuan Material, Zhongke Electric, etc .; battery link I recommend Ningde Times, Yiwei Lithium Energy, Xinwanda, etc .; equipment links recommend pilot intelligence, etc .; upstream resources recommend Han Rui Cobalt, Huayou Cobalt, Ganfeng Lithium, and Tianqi Lithium.
       New energy power generation: PV boom continues, wind power profitability is good: 2020 domestic photovoltaic policy is expected to continue to use the existing framework, which is expected to promote the industry chain to further reduce costs and increase efficiency, and accelerate the move towards comprehensive parity; domestic photovoltaic demand in 2020 is expected to reach 47GW, superimposed Overseas boom continues, and global demand is expected to grow 30% year-on-year to 147GW in 2020. The supply chain single-crystal industry chain continues unabated, the price of silicon materials has been established at the bottom in the mid-term, the expansion of silicon wafer leading production has accelerated, the profit of single-crystal PERC cells is expected to stop falling, and heterojunction cells have begun to emerge. In the photovoltaic manufacturing industry, we recommend the leading Longji shares and Tongwei shares, and we recommend focusing on Oriental Risheng, Follett, and Zhonghuan. We also recommend power station leaders Linyang Energy, Sunshine Power, and Chint Electric. We also recommend focusing on photovoltaic equipment leaders. Flextronics, Jingsheng Electromechanical. The domestic bidding volume of wind power in the quarter has hit new highs, the bidding prices of wind turbines have continued to rise, and the logic of stock installation has continued to materialize. High domestic demand in 2020 can be expected, and the profitability of the entire machine is about to be released. The average level is expected to increase the profits of the midstream; recommended Sun Moon, Tianshun Wind Energy, Goldwind Technology, etc., it is recommended to pay attention to Mingyang Smart.
       Power equipment: ubiquitous construction speeds up, and meter replacement starts: State Grid issues and issues the “Ubiquitous Electricity IoT 2020 Key Construction Task Outline”. Under the background of overall control of investment by grid companies, the ubiquitous electric IoT construction goal is clear and promoted. Resolutely, its related informatization and intelligent investment are expected to become the largest structural increase in grid investment; Guodian NARI, which is the leader in intelligent and informatization of power grids, is recommended, and Minjiang Hydropower and Jinzhi Technology are recommended. State grid power meter bidding volume for four consecutive batches, the replacement cycle has begun, it is recommended to pay attention to the energy collection target, recommend Haixing Power, it is recommended to pay attention to Juhua Technology. In the field of industrial control, we recommend high-quality target Hongfa Co., Ltd. and Huichuan Technology, and we recommend paying attention to McGmitter.

Original title: 2020 strategy for the new electricity industry: global electrification is surging, and photovoltaic heterojunctions are emerging

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