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National Energy Administration: 2019 year-end review of nati

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       North Star Solar Photovoltaic Network News: The footsteps of history, walking across a slope, climbing a bump, leaving a vibrant scene.
        In the course of China's energy development, 2019 is doomed to be extraordinary. This is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, the key year to defeat the first century-long goal of building a well-off society, and the fifth anniversary of General Secretary Xi Jinping's new energy security strategy. It is also a year where the internal and external challenges of the energy system are intertwined.
        The complicated world should be diversified, and the drums should be urged to stabilize the boat.
        For the past year, the national energy system has been guided by Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and has resolutely implemented the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping's internship and the spirit of the Party Central Committee and the State Council ’s decision-making arrangements. Forge ahead and open up a new situation of high-quality energy development.

Stable foundation, high-quality supply flourishes

       191 million tons! This is the year-end answer sheet for the Chinese petroleum industry. In 2019, the national crude oil production reversed the continuous decline for three consecutive years and stabilized.
       29 items! This is a landmark breakthrough in the construction of key natural gas pipeline network interoperability projects. In 2019, the national natural gas supply guarantee was generally stable, and a "national network" framework was basically formed.
       3/4! This is the latest proportion of coal mines with an annual output of 1.2 million tons and above. In 2019, China's high-quality coal production capacity will continue to be released and further concentrated in resource-rich regions.
       ± 1100 kV! This is the highest voltage level of the trans-regional transmission channel that has been built in China. The ± 1100 kV UHV DC transmission project from Zhundong to southern Anhui will be put into operation in 2019, and the power supply guarantee capability will be further improved.
       This is the latest data uploaded from the just held 2020 National Energy Working Conference. The sound development momentum of the energy industry is encouraging. In 2019, in the face of profound adjustments in the international energy landscape, the strategic game in the energy sector has clearly intensified. The national energy system has a solid transcript to lay a solid foundation and inject vitality for the sustained, healthy and stable development of the Chinese economy.
       "Unswervingly put energy security at the forefront of work, focus on strengthening capacity building in key areas, conscientiously implement the energy security reserve system, and ensure new improvements in the level of supply and security." Zhang Jianhua, secretary of the party group and director of the National Energy Administration, said loudly It not only summarizes the measures and experiences that have further consolidated the foundation of energy security in the past year, but also boosts the determination and confidence of the energy system to maintain strategic concentration and consolidate development advantages.

Observers are clear, trenders are wise.

       Robust transcripts from the Party Central Committee and the State Council ’s great attention and scientific guidance. Since this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping has made important instructions and instructions many times to personally attend the 2nd China-Russia Energy Business Forum and the Sino-Russian Eastern Gas Pipeline Ventilation Ceremony He also delivered important speeches to provide fundamental guidance for promoting high-quality energy development. Prime Minister Li Keqiang presided over a meeting of the National Energy Commission, and Deputy Prime Minister Han Zheng made a special trip to the National Energy Administration to investigate and further guide the promotion of the new energy security strategy.
       Stable transcripts come from the overall coordination and overall promotion of the national energy system-the National Energy Administration has carried out various tasks closely around the center and serving the overall situation. We will conduct in-depth research on major strategic issues in the medium and long term of energy and form 20 special reports to further clarify the ideas and measures for promoting high-quality energy development. Energy companies are in a big position and doing great things, and they dare to play a bold role in implementing major strategies, building major projects, and completing major tasks.
       From the increase of oil and gas reserves, the production situation is good, the newly proven reserves of oil and natural gas have increased by 25% and 68% year-on-year, and the oil and gas production and reserves have achieved "double rise". Increased 50 million cubic meters; steadily advanced the construction of cross-regional transmission channels, and approved the UHV-HVDC project from northern Shaanxi to Hubei, Yazhong to Jiangxi, and the Yunnan-Guizhou interconnecting channel project. With the stable production situation and improvement, efforts were made to strengthen the construction of power emergency response capabilities And key information infrastructure protection, orderly implementation of power equipment safety and construction site safety supervision ... Based on the year when a well-off society is fully established and the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" is over, the energy industry will focus on promoting major projects in the energy sector to make up for shortcomings Efforts should be made to resolve the outstanding contradictions of imbalanced and insufficient energy development, lay a solid foundation, and accumulate kinetic energy.

Greenness, transformation and upgrading

       This is a transcript of bright spots: At a time when the pace of international energy transformation is significantly accelerating, and the trend of clean and low-carbon development is becoming stronger, China's energy system focuses on major tasks of structural adjustment and industrial transformation and upgrading have taken new steps.

Enhancement and reduction of disadvantages bring continuous optimization of energy structure——
       In 2019, the energy system will resolutely eliminate backward excess capacity, further promote the structural de-capacity of coal, organize the implementation of classified disposal of coal mines with an annual output below 300,000 tons, close and exit more than 450 backward coal mines, and eliminate the shutdown of 20 million kilowatt coal power units The 13th Five-Year Plan has been completed in excess of capacity; orderly development of high-quality advanced production capacity; actively promoted wind power and photovoltaic power generation without subsidy; Orderly advance the planning and construction of coal power. Up to now, the installed capacity of non-fossil energy sources such as water, wind, light and nuclear has reached 799 million kilowatts.

One rise and one drop, promote the steady improvement of quality and efficiency——
       This year, the level of clean energy consumption and utilization continued to improve. Consumption and guarantee mechanisms and monitoring and early warning platforms are complete and sound, and the direction of guiding rational investment by enterprises and localities is clearer. Strengthening of energy storage and shaving facilities, flexibility of thermal power transformation, and planning and construction of key transmission channels are more scientific. Throughout the year, the average national utilization rates of hydropower, wind power and photovoltaic power generation are expected to reach new highs, reaching 97%, 96%, and 98%, respectively, and the utilization of nuclear power units will remain above 7,200 hours.
       This year, wind power and photovoltaic subsidies retreated and accelerated. In May 2019, the National Energy Administration issued the “Notice Concerning the Construction of Wind Power and Photovoltaic Power Generation Projects in 2019”, which officially launched the application of national subsidy bidding projects for photovoltaic power generation in 2019. In July, with the official announcement of the results of the state subsidy bidding for photovoltaic power generation projects in 2019, the way of competitively allocated projects entered a substantial implementation phase. New energy is thriving and is crossing a major hurdle and entering a new era.
       Green water and green mountains are Jinshan and Yinshan. Focusing on the green and low-carbon transformation of energy, China's energy development has continued its efforts to deepen the supply-side structural reforms, while maintaining a reasonable increase in quantity and achieving a steady improvement in quality. It is continuously exploring the road of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

People's hearts warm, energy services benefit Wanjia

       This is a big gift package for people's livelihood: the problem of more than half a million people in Anhui's small hydropower supply area with difficulty in using electricity will be finally solved before the winter of this year. Driven by the supervision and investigation and coordination of the National Energy Administration, the relevant departments of the Anhui Provincial Government and energy companies actively participated in the implementation and planned to complete the power grid reconstruction work in the supply area in three years, thereby completely solving the problem of poor power supply capacity and reliability that had existed for many years. Power problems. This is a microcosm of the nation's energy system to meet the needs of people's livelihood and to do a good job of people's livelihood.
       In the past year, pictures of people's livelihood with complete protection and practical results have demonstrated their original intentions.
       The days are better. Focusing on the use and service of public infrastructure such as electricity and gas in rural areas, a large number of key and difficult issues related to the energy production and life of the people have been resolved. Giving full play to the advantages of the industry, expanding poverty alleviation channels, strengthening multi-party cooperation, strengthening supervision and supervision, energy poverty alleviation work has been carried out solidly and effectively, and 4.07 million poverty-stricken households across the country have achieved stable income through photovoltaic poverty alleviation, involving 19.1 million kilowatts of photovoltaic poverty alleviation.
       The sky is bluer. Focusing on the task of preventing and controlling air pollution, practical measures to actively expand the clean energy industry and achieve clean and efficient use of energy have been accelerated. In northern China, the implementation of clean heating in winter was accelerated, with an additional area of ​​1.5 billion square meters of clean heating, a clean heating rate of 55%, a cumulative replacement of about 100 million tons of scattered coal, and a clean heating rate of 75% in "2 + 26" key cities. The medium-term target was exceeded; the replacement of electric energy in various fields was strengthened, and it was estimated that the newly added electricity would be about 200 billion kWh; the energy saving and emission reduction work was carried out solidly, and the national energy intensity in the first four years of the 13th Five-Year Plan dropped by approximately 13.7%; the national 6 standard Comprehensive supply of automotive gasoline and diesel.
       People's hearts are warmer. The construction of Tibet Ali and Central China Power Grid interconnection projects is the highest and most challenging power transmission and transformation project in the world so far, and the construction environment is extremely harsh. After the project is put into operation, it will completely end the history of long-term isolated grid operation in the Ali area, effectively solve and improve the safe and reliable power consumption of nearly 380,000 people along the line, and further improve the power consumption in border areas and poor areas.
       What the people want, what the government wants. Efforts are made to promote the development of energy sharing and focus on solving key issues of common concern to the people. The national energy system has always taken meeting the needs of the people's good life as its fundamental purpose, and concentrated efforts to do basic and thorough projects for people's livelihood, so that the people have more access to them. Sense of well-being, security.

Motivate enough, innovation and change accelerate

       This year, from the start of the implementation of the Shanxi Energy Revolution Comprehensive Reform Pilot, to the Hainan Energy Comprehensive Reform Plan, the compilation of the Xiong'an New District Comprehensive Energy Special Plan, and scientific research on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Yangtze River Delta regional integration, and ecological protection in the Yellow River And high-quality development and other regional energy development work, to research and formulate implementation ideas to promote high-quality energy development, to form the basic ideas of the "Fourteenth Five-Year" energy plan ... In 2019, focus on the major issues of industry reform and opening up, taking into account the "national chess" and encouragement The energy management path boldly explored by localities is clear and clear, and the energy system has won new breakthroughs in innovation and change.
       ——Science and technology independent innovation capability has been continuously enhanced. Focusing on strengthening the shortcomings of energy technology and equipment, the organization organized the first major demonstration, carried out in-depth implementation of major scientific and technological innovation projects, and made major progress in major special projects such as oil and gas and gas turbines.
       —— Reforms in key areas and key links have been vigorously promoted. Continue to promote the market-oriented trading of electricity. It is estimated that the annual market-oriented trading power will be 2.3 trillion kilowatt-hours, an increase of 6% year-on-year, and the peak shaving transaction electricity will reach 40 billion kilowatt-hours. The pace of reform of the oil and gas system is accelerating. In cooperation with the establishment of a national oil and gas pipeline network company, the Measures for Fair and Open Supervision of Oil and Gas Pipeline Network Facilities have been formulated. The reform of decentralized management services continued to deepen, and the “acquired power” indicator was further raised to 12th in the world. The construction of the credit system in the energy industry was vigorously promoted.
       -International energy cooperation has been solidly developed. Deepen cooperation between neighboring countries and countries along the route, overseas oil and gas supplies continue to be stable, the Sino-Russian Eastern Line natural gas project is completed and put into operation, and practical cooperation is promoted with nuclear power cooperation in relevant countries. Energy cooperation in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has made important progress. Actively participating in major international conferences such as the World Economic Forum, the World Energy Conference, the G20 Energy Ministers 'Meeting, and the BRICS Energy Ministers' Meeting, and establishing and developing the “Belt and Road” energy partnership, China ’s influence in global energy governance has been further enhanced.
       The middle stream hits the water, and the perseverance advances. Refining toughness in difficult challenges, exploring potential in innovation, and exerting vitality in a wide space, the Chinese energy giant will cut waves, sail again, and set sail for a new voyage of high-quality development.

Original title: Endeavour, opening up a new situation of high-quality energy development-the end of 2019 national energy work review

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