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       ● Safety – Oil heating laminator is using oil to transfer heat to the heater plate. Testing result shows that when the heated conventional oil at the temperature from 220˚C to 240˚C meets the dust in the air, it will cause a dust combustion and fire. As the lamination temperature is getting higher due to shorter lamination time based on the new process requirement, the oil temperature is getting higher as well, and this poses high risk. Oil boilers and heated oil circulating system used in the oil heating laminator are Type III pressure vessels and they are potential safety hazards. It requires personnel involve in manufacturing of the oil boilers, the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the heated oil circulation pumps to be certified in Type III pressure vessels. Strictly speaking, the operators are required to be trained and certified because the lamination process is inseparable from the heated oil circulation system. The electric heating laminator fundamentally solves the risks posed by oil heating laminator.

       ● Energy saving – In the customers’ nearly 10 years of accumulated experiences in the use of electric heating laminators, with the same capacity, the energy consumption of the electric heating laminator achieved a saving of more than 30% compared to oil heating laminator. Besides, the heat dissipated from electric heating laminator is much lower compared to oil heating laminator and this has also reduced the energy consumption in factory temperature control.  Besides, energy loss is greatly reduced by eliminating the use of oil and heat loss along the oil circulation path.

       ● Environmental – Oil heating laminators are unavoidable to oil leak during installation, commissioning, maintenance and scheduled replacement of oil. This will cause environmental pollution. Oil mist will also be diffused during normal operation. All these disadvantages are avoided in electric heating laminator. The noise pollution of the oil pump and motor in oil heating laminator have been avoided in electric heating laminator as well.

       iv. Since 2011, there have been thousands of dot matrix electric heating laminators serving the photovoltaic module industry worldwide. In the process of continuous innovation and upgrade, our products have been very mature, have fully inherited the advantages of oil heating laminator, make up for the shortcomings of oil heating laminator, and it serve an important direction of the photovoltaic module industry development.

The following is a schematic diagram of the electric heating heater plate: