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Shanghai PV Module | Shanghai Solar Automatic Production Line | Shanghai Electric Heating Laminator-Shanghai Senco Technology Co., Ltd.

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Shanghai Senco Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Difa Automation Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Difa New Energy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are the subsidiaries of Senco Group. Senco Group bases on their computer technology and produces photovoltaic module equipment as the core. We are a company which integrate research, development, design and production of industrial automated control equipment in one entity. Beginning of the new millennium, the company has been cooperating with Shanghai Institute of Space Power-Sources and Shanghai Solar Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (subsidiaries of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation) in launching China first fully automated module laminator in year 2002. Leading by the industry needs and continuous improvement in company’s equipment, we developed the larger size laminators which eventually led to the development direction of the industry. In response to the development prospects of the photovoltaic industry and the customers’ demands, we have absorbed the experienced personnel from the industry and formed a professional design and manufacturing team. They are responsible to serve the photovoltaic industry by planning, designing and manufacturing the automated photovoltaic equipment with their years of experiences and capabilities in the industry.

In 2011, the company developed the first dot matrix electric heating laminator in China. Senco laminator won the favor of many customers after a quick introduction to the market. The company has acquired ISO9001 Quality System and CE certification. In addition, dedicated to the innovation and continuous improvement, Senco has repeatedly won the title of “Shanghai High-Tech Enterprise” and “Shanghai New and High-Tech Small and Medium Enterprise”

Senco has brought in large scale of gantry milling machines, gantry planning machines and test instruments from Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany to constantly improve the size and precision of the module laminator. Senso is also committed to become the industry leader in leading the direction of automated solar equipment development.

At present, the company's main products are dot matrix electric heating laminators, including single-layer and double-layer laminators; single-sided and double-sided heating laminators; and water-cooled laminators. The main models are 2560、24782692、2787 Double chamber . Recently, a 12428 double-layer jumbo-type laminator has been developed and produced, which greatly increases the production capacity demand of module customer. At the same time, model suitable for curved glass laminate, Thin-film cell laminate and laminator with pins are also available.

Relying on its capabilities and scientific management concept, the company has always maintained its leading position in the industry. The company can customize and build various types of photovoltaic module laminators based on the different needs and requirements from the customers.