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2000enterprises with unique display of the latest global technology
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The North Star Solar Photovoltaic network: a few days ago, from SNEC (2012) International Photovoltaic Exhibition Organizers understands, the exhibition of2000 exhibitors from90 countries and regions worldwide, across five continents. In the foreign exhibitors, not only Germany, Japan, the United States, Spain, Italy, France, Australia, South Korea, Russia, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Israel, photovoltaic production, scientific research, the application of advanced countries, there are still many from Eastern Europe, India, Pakistan, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries and South Africa" the bright younger generation". This exhibition of domestic and foreign exhibitors exhibitors reached a ratio of60: 40, the global PV giant, star enterprise are all in place, such as Shang De power, Yingli, poly, JA solar Zevi, LDK and other domestic first-class PV module manufacturer, and REC, SMA, Hanwha-SolarOne, OCI, Dupont and other foreign photovoltaic industry giant.
Is expected to usher in the trips around 200000viewers, in which entry tickets to visit a professional audience of about1/3, there are a large number of government officials from all over the world and electronic machinery, real estate development, building design, project contracting and other fields related to the.
This exhibition is a very strong professional Photovoltaic Exhibition, display content includes: photovoltaic production equipment, materials, photovoltaic, photovoltaic applications and components, as well as photovoltaic engineering and systems, covers the PV industry chain. In order to reflect the professional exhibition, exhibition hall in the photovoltaic industry chain is divided into categories, W, E, N three series big hall, complete display picture of the photovoltaic industry chain. W series Gallery displays photovoltaic components and auxiliary materials and products; series E museum to the system equipment; series N Pavilion will showcase the silicon materials and related technology and equipment.
It is worth mentioning that, in the N series of N5brand theme pavilion, gathered many domestic first-class brand enterprises, such as power, is LDK Zevi, Trina, Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co., Artes ( China ), Shaanxi electronic information group limited, China power etc.. These enterprises of new products and new technology will be in focus here show. As the world's largest photovoltaic equipment manufacturers REC first appeared on the show, and brought with them the latest development of new products and new technology.
The sixth session of the SNEC (2012) international solar energy and photovoltaic engineering ( Shanghai) exhibition is not only a photovoltaic industry gathering, is a solar energy industry new product, new technology exhibition. Here, the exhibitors and the audience can see the global PV industry 's most advanced products, the most unique products, the most influential product, any has "the greatest, the most refined, the tip, the latest, most beautiful, the most active, the most vivid, touching" products will be in this exhibition" ten points" in selected, large quantities of world PV industry and science and technology areas of the top results and newly developed products will be exhibited here.
At the same time as the response of the Chinese Ministry of science and technology about" science and technology tackling climate change" applicable project collection activities, where the selected " ten highlights" products or technology, will be compiled into a" Shanghai PV manual" to become the Ministry of science and technology on" science and technology tackling climate change" is part of a project.
In a seemingly prospects so not too bright case, SNEC sixth (2012) international solar energy and photovoltaic engineering ( Shanghai) exhibition has brought together from over 90 countries and regions exhibitors. Because there are limitless business opportunities.
Compared with last year, this year's exhibition of foreign-funded enterprises compared with last year, from 35% percentage rose to 40%, a large number of European, North American and foreign new faces will appear on the exhibition area. At the same time, in this exhibition, system integrators flourishingly emerge in large numbers, adumbrative solar PV power station system integration will be the next round of investment trend.
This exhibition has attracted not only the global PV industry, also to attract the world's first freight company -- DHL Global Forwarding (China) Co., Ltd. to exhibitors, this home for the global PV industry transportation company natural hope to find more business opportunities.
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