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Jiuquan new energy equipment manufacturing industry to develop quickly
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The country's first10 million kilowatts of wind power base in Jiuquan and10 million kilowatts class photoelectric base construction, make Jiuquan new energy equipment manufacturing Industrial Park stride forward singing militant songs, full bloom, dance me to save new energy equipment manufacturing industry bibcock.

Spring March, the reporter comes to Jiuquan new energy equipment manufacturing industrial park, is full of be in full swing production scene: tower production workshop, machine is plangent, the welding splash; fan production workshop, driving the shuttle, a typhoon machine is from the production line and offline; photoelectric production workshop, a piece of good production of solar photovoltaic components after after packing, sent to the photovoltaic electric field ... ...

Is located in the park of Jiuquan, the solar energy science and Technology Limited is a company specializing in the production of solar modules and solar application products of high-tech enterprises, the company from 2011 to September in Jiuquan new energy equipment manufacturing Industrial Park pitch camp, and started in January 8th this year, the first product off the assembly line, took only 100 days.

In the east of Jiuquan New Energy Company Limited electrical fan manufacturing workshop, all positions are all workers in production of seize every minute and second fan of the busy scene. Pointing to the side table than a standard room but also a big fan, general manager of the company Xia Yu said proudly, the company currently has an annual output of1.5 MW,2 MW,2.5 MW,3 MW wind machine production capacity of more than1000taiwan. This year, Jiuquan will start the construction of 3000000kilowatts of wind electric field, the company is in full production of the fan, and this year the output value of over 5000000000 yuan.

To give new energy equipment manufacturing industry development to build a superior platform, Jiuquan city investment and improve the supporting Park of 30 square kilometers of water, electricity, road, greening and other infrastructure, the creation of a " relatively independent, closed operation, a one-stop service" operating mechanism, the full implementation of service commitment, completed in time, charge d'affaires, tracking project ask effect, performance appraisal system, from the introduction of the project to the formalities, completed and put into production, for merchants to provide all-around, whole process, all-weather" nanny-style" service, as a new energy equipment manufacturing enterprises laid a solid foundation for development.

Jiuquan Industrial Park Party Working Committee Deputy Secretary An Changyun said, at present, Jiuquan Electric Industrial Park has been the introduction of wind power equipment manufacturing project 35, among the domestic fan assembly top three Hua Rui technology, Jin Feng technology, east steam group and the domestic blade manufacturing top three in the rehabilitation of people with, Teng-hui in the air, in material science and technology all settle down in the zone. By the end of last year, the park has started construction of the new energy equipment manufacturing project 30, built and put into operation22, investment in fixed assets amounted to 6300000000yuan, formed an annual output of various types of wind machine 3000 sets,3000 sets of blades, nacelle cover 2500 sets, flange hub and frame 30000tons, fiberglass warp knitting production capacity of 7000 tons, become the largest domestic industry, products most models, most capable of supporting wind power equipment manufacturing base.

Wind power equipment manufacturing industry a new force suddenly rises., not only for the economic and social development of Jiuquan into a powerful force, but also led the city's the tertiary industry, the rapid development of labor economy. According to incomplete statistics, Jiuquan new energy equipment manufacturing industrial park planning and construction in 3years, wind power equipment manufacturing industry sales revenue totaled 43200000000 yuan, add obtain employment of more than 1people, which are directly engaged in wind power equipment manufacturing has more than 8000 people, the per capita monthly pay 1800yuan. New energy equipment manufacturing industry development, also let the Jiuquan Vocational and Technical College, Jiuquan industry and trade school and other local occupation education college wind power equipment manufacturing professional unprecedented unpopular.

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