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Current situation and future trend of price of polysilicon
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The North Star Solar Photovoltaic network: polycrystalline silicon for photovoltaic industry as concrete in construction industry: it is the photovoltaic industry important raw material, and the photovoltaic module cost20% to30%.

In 2011, the polysilicon spot prices after 65% major adjustment. This is since 2009the spot price of one of the largest cut, from $400 in 2008to $70 per kg.

Supply and demand situation, in 201150% polysilicon production capacity exceeding the demand. Expected to be in 2012and2013 capacity expansion will lead to imbalance between supply and demand further and reached 80%.

The polysilicon operation situation and production capacity is expected to. Capacity expansion depends on the financial strength, the current market share and cost control ability and experience. In 2008, many industry entrants failed in the first wave of consolidation in surviving. Expected second wave capacity integration tide coming, we expect a vendor will be in accordance with the plan, two companies will maintain 2013production levels, and no further expansion, three manufacturers will begin to improve productivity.

A polysilicon manufacturers: HSC, OCI, Newark, poly ( > 25000MT )

Two level polysilicon manufacturers: Deshan, REC, MEMC, LDK Zevi (10000- 25000MT )

Three level polysilicon manufacturers: M.Setek, Yingli, Yu Hui sunshine (3000- 10000MT )

Four level polysilicon manufacturers: many ... ...

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