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Perplex the development of PV industry in China where the crux of the problem?
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The Ministry issued the solar photovoltaic industry" Twelfth Five-Year " development planning, the expansion of the leading enterprise productivity, reduce the cost of photovoltaic power generation, cultivate backbone enterprises and a series of encouraging industrial development policy, for from the second half of last year, has been in the development of the winter in the photovoltaic enterprises, like a warm current. However, the "Twelfth Five-Year" period China's solar total installed capacity planning no earlier releases, starting the application of photovoltaic market rules has not been mentioned. Industrial scale up, where is the market? This is precisely the problem in China's photovoltaic industry development important question.

Chinese photovoltaic industry scale has reached a certain level. In 2011, the global photovoltaic market demand for 20gigawatts ( GW ), China's PV capacity is30 gigawatts ( GW ). Achieve gigawatts (GW ) level of the leading enterprises, coupled with a large number of small and dispersive component manufacturers, relying on the international market support, make our country become the world's largest photovoltaic manufacturing industry gathering and photovoltaic product export country.

However, the global market demand is changing. In March 9th, called the photovoltaic application market leader in Germany began to cut electricity price subsidy rate, plans for residential and large photovoltaic installation device are respectively20% and 30% large-scale cut, while more than 10megawatts ( MW ) of large ground system will not be able to obtain grants. Without considering the component reduction's situation, this deal will make German photovoltaic internal income rate decreased from 5% to 6%, return on investment will lead to decline in market demand slowed down further.

The German market change is global photovoltaic market demand of a new round of adjustment, along with traditional photovoltaic application market gradually hasten is mature and saturated, application advocate market gradually from the large ground power station to the rooftops, demand will inevitably shrink. In this case, the effect of components of excess production capacity will be expanded.

According to the industry planning target, our country"925" photovoltaic production scale will expand. In farewell to the global market demand after times of explosive growth, who to digest these production? Without the increment of the market, will make manufacturing enterprises to become" cook a meal without rice". Where is the market? In the domestic. Improve the new energy and renewable energy in China energy structure proportion, is China's established development target, solar photovoltaic power generation in China has a huge market potential for development. Open the domestic market, not only is the photovoltaic manufacturing industry development, also is the only way which must be passed to the adjustment of energy structure in china.

To start the domestic photovoltaic application market is not a fresh topic, in 2011 the domestic photovoltaic benchmark price introduced, this should be the domestic market to promote the large-scale start an important step. But this new electrovalency policy has great application potential in the East, the operator access to higher investment income, enterprise enthusiasm is not high; and investment income better western area, although has built large photovoltaic ground station, but far away from the electricity market, power grid access has not formed the standard, photovoltaic power not all online.

The application in the process of" disorder", makes the PV industry upstream have dimensions advantage fail to facilitate downstream applications of part of the investment. According to different light conditions regional different online electrovalency policy, break the interests regime as soon as possible to achieve the PV grid connected generation, seems to have become the key point to break the deadlock. In addition, the production workshop, office buildings and other large-scale building roof to set up power plant, power generation, primarily for their own allowance grid-connected mode, has been more and more apply and try, PV companies are looking for suitable for China market application of commercial mode.

Open market needs to be established to promote the use of new energy mechanism, all parties need to jump out of the interests of the game, the first cake bigger, need bold attempt, some dare eat crab people. At the same time, also need the relevant departments and enterprises to jointly study the development of related industries advantages and characteristics, accomplish have a definite object in view, scientific development.

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