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Development process
In 1989 405factory atomic energy centrifugal refine uranium device of corrugated Guan Guangliang annealing device
In 1990, domestic production of maximum pressure vessel 6250M3spherical tank integral heat treatment
In 1993 the establishment of the Shanghai branch of the Shanghai Technology Limited company
Completed in 1993 the Qinshan nuclear power station boiler hydraulic device
The 1993 Shanghai tobacco machinery factory heat treatment shop to provide computer group control device
1994space for China to provide automatic computer data parallel gap welding
1995 for the Chinese spacecraft solar battery welding machine
In 1996 Qinhuangdao Sino-US joint venture Bohai aluminum elevated intelligent warehouse system transformation
In 1997 the Shanghai Baoshan iron and steel plant data acquisition system recovery of 2030 rolling mill
In 1997 for the Suizhong power plant to provide heat treatment equipment
1998China electric power construction company in Philippines, Pakistan and other countries supporting project of heat treatment equipment
In 1998 to become the Xiamen Houshi Power Plant ( Taiwan Wang Yongqing investment ) specified heat treatment equipment for business.
In 1999the United States of America Hughes company solar battery welder
In 2000the United States of America THERMOCLO company TMX9001type semiconductor diffusion furnace equipment modification
Established in 2000Shanghai Di of automation equipment limited company of science and technology
In 2002 Shanghai solar industry purchase the first automatic oil heating layer press Shanghai Sunco manufacturing
Established in 2002, with new energy equipment Manufacturing Company Limited
In 2004 Wuxi is Germany purchased the first home-made fully automatic laminating machine Shanghai branch of the Shanghai manufacturing
2004Changzhou Tianhe plant purchase first jccy Rodchenko manufacturing
2004 Baoding Yingli Building purchased the first automatic laminator Rodchenko provide
In 2006 Jiangsu Lin Yang ( now renamed the Han Hua ) and the Shanghai branch of the Shanghai Cooperation
In 2007, exports to the United States MIA cable company, Rodchenko lamination step door going abroad.
In 2009to invest in expanding53000M2 factory
Investment in 201050000000 yuan to buy Russia, Britain, the United States of America large Longmen machining center, gantry planer milling machine
In 2011to invest in expanding27000M2 factory
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