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Shanghai branch of the Shanghai Technology Limited company (the following abbreviation Shanghai Branch Technology ), Shanghai Di of automation equipment technology Limited ( hereinafter referred to as di cutting automation ), Shanghai of new energy equipment Manufacturing Company Limited ( hereinafter referred to as Di of new energy ) belong to Sunco group, is the computer technology as the foundation, the production of solar energy equipment as the core, set research and development, design and production of industrial automation and control equipment in one of the entities of the company. Long-term since, has been with the Shanghai Aerospace Group Space Electric Power Research Institute and the Shanghai Aerospace Electrical and belongs to the Shanghai Solar Energy Technology Co., launched a comprehensive automatic laminator, and with customer demand, the company constantly updated equipment, continued to develop leading the development of the industry of large size press equipment, at the same time the solar industry development prospect and urgent customer needs, we absorb in the solar industry automation equipment design and manufacture of professional team. In the solar industry automated production lines of the whole plant planning, design and manufacturing. Specializing in the wealth of design experience and efficient and pragmatic manufacturing assembly capable of serving the solar industry.

Companies rely on the solid strength and scientific management ideas, and always maintain the leading position in the industry.

In 2011 the company's total area expanded to 130 acres, to become the largest, most of the equipment in the production of solar battery components equipment manufacturers. The company took the lead through the ISO9001 quality system certification, CE certification,, at the same time, company has obtained dozens of patents, including a number of invention patents and a number of utility model patent.

At present, the main products are three section type single electric heating automatic laminator, multilayer electric heating automatic laminator, three section type oil heating automatic laminator, double cavity type oil heating automatic laminating machine, automatic assembly line, production, automatic laying machine, automatic loading machine, automatic cooling storage system, automatic curing production line, On Line cracked tester and surrounding automation equipment.

Company introduction of Russia, the United States of Longmen, large gantry planer milling equipment, equipment and testing instruments, and constantly refresh the solar component laminating machines the size of equipment and precision equipment. Is committed to creating a leading solar energy equipment industry development direction of the enterprises.

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